About the Book

Set during the height of Buffalo’s Baby-Boomer’s interaction with the last of its blue-blooded, gilded-class monies, The Spouse Stealer introduces Jonathon Spector, a man living comfortably on the fringes of wealth, among very wealthy friends. His new “dating search” leads him through another gambit after his last divorce, and he engages in a series of debauchery. In his attempt to achieve a religiously felt “true love” again, he tries to qualify women for their true meaning, beyond mutually engaged sexual pleasures.

Just as he finally settles down once more, a serial spouse stealer—in the form of a filthy rich and intriguing woman—emerges. Jonathan’s gatherings with friends become pointedly selective as the antagonist hosts everything at her Canadian beachfront estate. The dominance and self-serving attitude becomes clear as her veracity unfolds. Money, power and deceit materialize into everyone’s lives as forced yet visible presence no one wants to see has become a reality.

Marching an assemblage of unforgettable characters playing erratic twists and turns, The Spouse Stealer provides a candid and honest look into the world of lies, lust, and temptations. It gives you a taste of the supposedly sacred promise of marriage.